Ken Woon-A-TaiKen Woon-A-Tai, 5th Dan — Toronto, Ontario

IKD Honbu Upper Beaches & IKD Honbu Downsview

Ken Woon-A-Tai (5th Dan) is the son of IKD Founder and Chief Instructor Frank Woon-A-Tai (9th Dan), and is a certified IKD Instructor, Tournament Judge, and Technical Research and Development Director at IKD Honbu.

Interested in karate since the age of two, Ken received training from his family members and their senior students at what was then the JKA/ISKF Headquarters in Canada. As he grew up, he had the privilege of training under many first-generation JKA Masters, such as Shihan Okazaki, Nishiyama, Kanazawa, and Yaguchi. In addition to training with other high-ranking descendants of Master Funakoshi, Ken’s dedication to karate has led him to examine the martial arts as a whole, studying the karate styles of Wado-ryu and Kyokushin, as well as the martial arts of Kobudo, Jujitsu, Judo, Aikido, and others.

Ken is the 2012 IKD Kata World Champion and the 2015 IKD Kumite World Champion, and has won multiple gold-medals and awards in provincial, national, and international-level competitions. In the dojo, he can be found teaching both children and adults, and has successfully coached young members of competition teams to victory. Today, Ken leads classes and seminars in Canada, and abroad.

A graduate from the University of Toronto, Ken obtained an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major in Criminology and Cinema Studies. He has an interest in public safety and information, where he holds many certifications and a related occupation. Ken enjoys nature, conversation, the arts, and exploration.

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