Diandra Woon-A-TaiDiandra Woon-A-Tai, 5th Dan — Vancouver, British Columbia

IKD British Colombia

Diandra Woon-A-Tai (5th Dan) is the eldest child and daughter of IKD Founder and Chief Instructor Frank Woon-A-Tai (9th Dan), and currently holds the title of Chief Instructor and Director of IKD British Colombia.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in the late 1970s, Diandra took her first steps as an infant in her father’s dojo. Her first karate uniform (gi) had to be custom made by a student of the dojo, as she was far too little to fit into any existing gi. Diandra began formally training at the age of three, and by age eight was awarded the rank of Shodan from Shihan Okazaki. She then obtained a youth-level Nidan at age 12, but re-tested for the full rank once she became of age. Since then, Diandra has had the privilege of training under JKA/ISKF Masters: Nakayama, Nishiyama, Okazaki, Kanazawa, Yaguchi, Osaka, and Tanaka. Today, she holds the rank of Godan, and is commonly seen as the Master of Ceremonies at several IKD events.

Baby Diandra with Nakayama & FWDiandra received her first gold medal in kata at the JKA Canada National Championships shortly after obtaining her Shodan. Throughout her tournament career, she has won multiple medals and awards in both kata and kumite in JKA, ISKF, NKA, ITKF, and WUKO tournaments. Diandra’s favorite competition memory took place after she became the Kubota Cup Junior Female Kata Champion for the second time, as her trophy was awarded to her from the cast members of the film, “The Karate Kid”.

A graduate of the University of Toronto, Diandra relocated to Vancouver, British Colombia in late 2007. She currently resides in North Vancouver, where she shares a home with her spouse, Aeko, their two cats, dog, and multiple fish. She enjoys hatha yoga, traveling, film, and hiking.

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