Joannie LevesqueJoannie Levesque, 3rd Dan – Quebec

Joannie Levesque (3rd Dan) started karate when she was 8 years old under the instruction of Sensei Jean-Francois Boucher.

Her first test was in 2003 with Sensei Bryan Mattias. Every six months she would test for another kyu rank with Sensei Mattias. Her Shodan exam was in 2009 with Master Yaguchi. In 2012, she received Nidan from Shihan W. Dexter Shim and Shihan Marcel Lussier. In 2016, she would be promoted to Sandan my Shuskei Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai.

Joannie competed in her 1st National tournament in 2007 at the ISKF Canada Nationals. She would attend the Nationals each year from that event on. She attended the ISKF World Shoto Cup in 2008 and the IKD World Cups in 2012 and 2015. In 2015, She started to compete with Karate Quebec and competed at the Karate Canada Nationals in 2016.

She doesn’t recall what brought her to karate but she has found her passion. A drive to compete has sparked an Olympic dream. She has focused on this and trains with not only Sensei Jean-Francois Boucher but also Sensei Alexandre Sita and Sensei Aiman Benkadra for WKF ISKF events. She also has a coach for kumite training only, Sensei Gabriel Sylla 5th dan who is a Worldwide WKF Accredited Coach, Physical trainer and high performance coach.

When not in the dojo, Joannie can be found in the the gym working out or at work.

“Success is never built alone. It’s always those who have been part of your journey. So I would like to thank of course my instructors who have taught me to perform in different ways. The family Woon A Tai for their trust and friendship, the AKJQ for sharing their knowledge and people for their support always, the IKD people from all around the World for giving me a chance to meet them, special thanks to Sensei Aiman who introduce me in Karate Quebec, Karate Quebec for give me a chance to train with them and meet champions all around the World and learn from them. A special thank to my role model Haya Jumaa, a person that will represent team Canada for Olympic 2020.”

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