The IKD Department of Distinguished Awardees was established October 10, 2018 at IKD Honbu Dojo.
The head of the department is Sensei Marc Boismenu, 6th Dan, third from the right. He will be assisted by his daughter, Nicole, second from right.
Sensei Boismenu, P.Eng., MSSM, began karate in 1986 with Master Mori, 9th Dan JKA. He attained his first to sixth dan with Masters Okazaki and Woon-A-Tai, and currently continues to study the art and science of karate. He obtained his BSc in Chemical engineering at McGill University and his Masters in Strategic Management from Indiana U. Marc worked at General Motors in Quebec, where he held various positions in manufacturing and engineering, before transferring to the Canadian Technical Center in Oshawa. He held the position of R&D program manager, created the Science Office of GM Canada, and grew a portfolio of research with academic institutions across Canada as well as federal laboratories, to advance the scientific learning to many automotive technologies. Today, Marc is responsible for the portfolio of advanced development work in Computer Aided Engineering for GM around the globe.

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