Marc-Antoine Trahan, 3rd Dan – Laval, QB, Canada

Marc-Antoine Trahan, 3rd Dan, started training at the age of 5 at the Centre de karaté Shotokan Laval under the instruction of Shihan Bryan Mattias.

In March 2012, he tested for Shodan in front of the seniors of Québec. (The seniors are the 7th dan and higher of Québec). During the summer of 2014, he was promoted to Nidan in front of the seniors of Québec and the invited Sensei for the Québec summer camp of that year, Shihan Marcel Lussier. During the summer of 2017, he was promoted to Sandan in front of the seniors of Québec and the invited Senseis for the Québec summer camp of that year: Shihan Maureen Woon-A-Tai and Shihan W. Dexter Shim.

Marc-Antoine has been training with Shihan Bryan Mattias since he was 5 years old.

“The dojo really became a second family for me and Shihan Bryan really taught me a lot about karate, but also about life outside karate.”

Over the years, he has also trained with different senseis that were invited to teach in Quebec. Not only has he trained with IKD Shihans/Senseis that were from the IKD family, like Shihan Maureen, Shihan Woon-A-Tai, Shihan Shim, Shihan Cameron King and many others, but also instructors from elsewhere, such as Sensei Lavorato, Sensei Hotton and Sensei Katsumata.

Marc-Antoine have been competing at a regional and provincial level since he was 6. He has won many medals and since becoming a black belt and he has won three “best competitor” for his age group.

“My first national tournament was in Moncton, in 2013. I got a lot of great memories coming from this trip where me and all the Quebec’s team got really good results.”

He also participated at the 2nd IKD World cup in 2015, where he placed third in kata in his age category. Recently, Marc-Antoine competed at the World cup held in Barbados.

“I got more-than-expected results, where I won 5 gold medals and the trophy for the Most outstanding male youth.”

Much like most young people that start karate training, Marc-Antoine’s parents were looking for activities to help spend his energy, like swimming or soccer. His older brother was already training in karate, so Marc-Antoine also joined the dojo!

“As time past, the only activity that I was really passionate about and stayed in my schedule was karate.”

Marc-Antoine is a student at the Université de Montreal where he is studying mathematics.

“Training for me is something that I really like. So going to the gym or going for a run really is something that I enjoy. Skiing is a one of my favorite activity when winter comes in Quebec. In the summer, I really enjoy going for a ride on my bicycle!”

He feels that training with his two brothers is something that is a blessing for him.

“It’s an additional source of motivation for me. The three of us are often in the dojo and are teaching the kids in the dojo, so we kind of have a similar daily life and we can support and help each other with this busy school-karate schedule.”

“One of the first provincial event after I passed my shodan was a training camp, held in a city far from my home. I was so excited to finally show up with my black belt on in that kind of event! When the first training was about to start, I went to the locker room to change. I opened my bag, put my Gi on, reach for my belt, only to realise that I left it at my home. I was kind of bummed out and my pairs had a good laugh. They found me an old belt that I had to wear for the whole camp. From this moment, I always double check before a class or a camp that my belt is indeed in my bag!”

Congratulations Marc-Antoine!

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