If any members of the IKD are ever in Tokyo, they are welcome to visit Master Nakayama’s dojo, Hoitsugan dojo.

The Hoitsugan Dojo was established in 1972 by Shihan Masatoshi Nakayama to welcome anyone and everyone to practice karate-do. Over the years many karate-ka from all over Japan and the world have gone there to study this art of self defense. Today the Hoitsugan Dojo continues to teach karate in the manner that Shihan Nakayama developed and made famous worldwide.

Sensei Minoru Kawawada inherited the legacy of Shihan Nakayama’s Hoitsugan Dojo. Sensei Kawawada is a certified JKA instructor and 7th degree black belt. Sensei Kawawada has been a top class world competitor with many tournament wins in both kata and kumite. His most notable win was as Grand Champion of the first World Shoto Cup Tournament with 1st place in both kata and kumite. As successful a competitor as he was, Sensei Kawawada still believes and teaches that karate is Budo and must be taught realistically for proper self defense.

In the spirit of Shihan Masatoshi Nakayama, Sensei Kawawada welcomes anyone and everyone to come train or visit at the Hoitsugan Dojo.

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