The IKD Canada Cup registration package has been updated.

Here is the newly updated information package with a few changes made. PLEASE MAKE YOUR MEMBERS AWARE OF THESE CHANGES AS THEY MIGHT NOT NOTICE THEM ON THE NEW FORMS.


  • Page 3: The age for the youth has been adjusted to 11 & under instead of 9 to 11.
  • Page 4: We have altered the age group categories as such. All age groups of 14 and over we will permit mixed teams, however please note that the mixed teams will compete in the male category. This is due to the fact that many dojos/provinces don’t have enough members to make an all male or all female group in each category.
  • Pages 5 & 11: We have included the souvenir t-shirt order. We are just deciding on logos, once we have the design figured out we will send a picture of what it will look like.
  • Pages 5 & 11: We added the party time, location, and entry cost to get in. It is open to all ages, and best of all Shihan Bryan will be our DJ for the evening.
  • Page 9: We have eliminated the age 14 to 17 for the team kumite event. There will only be the two adult age groups for team kumite.
  • Page 10: We just put in a reminder that we will supply a FREE lunch for the judges/referees only on both days. You must have your Haori to be supplied with a meal.
  • Page 11: We added the meals, souvenir t-shirts, and the party to be checked off by the spectators if the family and friends want to get in on those.
  • Page 14: There is no bed and breakfast as stipulated on the first registration package, that was only for University students not for other groups renting the facilities. Meals are separate.
  • Page 14: People have requested to arrive Thursday and stay that night at the U. of S. They approved it so you can just book that night when you are booking your stay with the University.

All pages: We have added that payments can also be made by etransfer to, the answer will be: karate2019

Everyone can start registering now, the University and ourselves are now prepared to take reservations and registrations.

Any other inquiries you may have or any adjustments that you notice, please contact

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