Leo Grant, 3rd Dan – Tobago

Leo GrantLeo Grant started training in 1998 at the age of 14.

I started doing Martial Arts for the same reason most people in my generation started…I wanted to be like Bruce Lee. LOL!”

From white belt to blue belt, Leo trained and tested at Harakenkojuku School of Moon and Water, Queens NY. He trained under the instruction of Shihan Herb Wiles. After returning to Tobago, he would be tested by Sensei David up to the rank of brown belt. He would test for his black belt with Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai in Trinidad. Later receiving this Nidan and Sandan from Shihan Dexter Shim.

Over the years of training he would be instructed by Shihan Herb Wiles of Harakenkojuku. Then by Sensei Arthur Morris of Tobago Shotokan Karate Club. Leo also trained with Sensei Michael Hodge of Global Martial Arts University.

He has not focused his karate training on competing.

Leo is a former Public Procurement Officer. But he is proud to say that as of June 2019, he is a full time Martial Arts instructor.

Other than karate, Leo is a Musician/singer/song writer. Leo is the lead guitarist of The Band Armed.

“One of my fondest memories of karate was while training at Harakenkojuku. Shihan Wiles made us put on our winter jackets and boots one winter and go up to the roof of the building. We then spent the rest of our class time training in almost knee high snow. It was the coldest Heian Shodan kata known to man.”

Sensei Leo Grant is the instructor at Tobago Shotokan Spirit Warriors. He started the dojo in 2013. The training sessions are at Signal Hill High School on Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm-8pm.

“We have 32 students training with us currently. Our motto is ‘Form with Intensity’. Form relates to stances, posture and character while intensity relates to perseverance, diligence and attitude.”

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