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Feb 11

Frank Woon-A-Tai Cup

Frank Woon-A-Tai Guyana Cup, celebrating 50 Years as a Karate Sensei, will take place March 4th in Georgetown, Guyana. For more information, visit the event page.

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Feb 06

Feb 2018 – Paul DaCosta

Paul Dacosta, 5th Dan – International Karate Daigaku of Jamaica and Florida Sensei Paul DaCosta, 5th Dan, is from Jamaica. He hold a Degree of Bachelor Of Physical Education. Sensei Paul’s family are all martial artist. His wife, Philippa is a…

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Jan 02

Jan 2018 – Denzil Govender

Denzil Govender, 6th Dan – International Karate Daigaku South Africa Sensei Denzil Govender (6th Dan Shotokan) is currently the Head and Chief Instructor of IKD in South Africa. Sensei Denzil Govender has been practicing Karate for the past 27 years, he…

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