International Karate Daigaku

IKD Hall of Fame Induction (IKD HF)

IKD Fourth Highest Distinguished Award – IKD Hall of Fame Induction (IKD HF)

Awarded to masters or instructors or pioneers; officials or administrators or supporters; retired or active coaches; or retired or active athletes with more than ten years active competition in IKD recognized karate-do tournaments in any or all of the above categories at the national, regional and world level competition.

Athletes shall hold either gold, silver or bronze medals in three (3) national tournaments, three (3) regional tournaments, and three (3) world cups over a period of ten (10) years active competition.

Pre-requisite: All of the above groups, 16 years and older, and third dan and higher.

Nominator: Country/Regional Director, or Chief Instructor.

Award: Special Medal and Award Certificate

Ceremony: World Camp or World Cup

2018 Recipients