IKD Lifetime of Service

IKD Third Highest Distinguished Award – Lifetime of Service (LS)

Awarded for more than 20 years administration and technical service in traditional karate as a proponent and technical expert par excellence. Moreover, for dedication, commitment, loyalty, budo spirit, and distinguished service in karate-do.


  • Certified IKD Sensei or Higher Member
  • Sixth Dan and Higher, Instructor B, Examiner B, Judge B
  • IKD Patron, President or Vice-President
  • *Mayors, or others holding similar office, or long adult service volunteers


  • Shall be any of the above, or IKD Patron or
  • President, or Vice-President or
  • Country/Regional Director, or Chief Instructor.

Award: Special Medal and Award Certificate

Ceremony: World Camp or World Cup  (*Shuseki Shihan in person)


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