Shihan Alice Bernstein, 8th Dan

Alice Bernstein, 8th Dan, was one of the first students of the Barbados Shotokan Karate Club (BSKC), founded in 1978. Her dedication to hard intensive training earned her the rank of Shichidan from the ISKF. A seasoned competitor, instructor and trustee of the BSKC, she is a graduate of the ISKF Instructor Program and holds the designation of International Karate Daigaku A-Class Instructor, A-Class Judge, and A-Class Examiner.

Shihan Alice has been awarded BSKC “Instructor of the Year” in 2008, 2009 and 2010, and continues to teach and mentor students of the club. She is also the highest ranked woman within the Caribbean Region where she is very highly respected for her karate knowledge, physical ability and caring, motherly nature. She is the embodiment of the Dojo Kun practicing what she preaches.

Shihan Alice has a long and distinguished tournament career both at the regional and international levels. Although petite in stature, she is well known for her exceptional fighting spirit. During a Caribbean kumite tournament in the 1980s, she suffered a dislocated shoulder. Rather than quitting and despite being in a great deal of pain, she popped it back in place and continued her kumite match with one arm to win first place. In training, she is able to keep pace with men half her age. Like all members of IKD Shihan-kai, Alice has trained with many Japanese masters,including Master Nakayama who visited Barbados and dedicated the dojo to Martial Arts training. Alice is a ranking member of the IKD Shihan-kai.

In 2014, She was featured in Good Health magazine.