International Karate Daigaku

IKD Grading Requirements

Grading Manual

The IKD released the official Kyu and Dan Examination Syllabus in 2012. This booklet outlines what is required of all students for each level of rank advancement. The IKD requires that students testing for a Black Belt perform Bunkai for specified katas. Also anyone testing 4th Dan and higher must be familiar with all 26 Shotokan katas.

IKD Kyu and Dan Diplomas

The karate belt system shows the progress of a karateka throughout their study of the art. With each new rank a certificate is issued. Here you can view the credentials that are issued by the IKD with each rank.

The Kyu certificates are issued for student moving through the ranks from white to brown belt. The Dan certificates are for students who achieve first black belt and above. The students who achieve 5th Dan and above will receive a diploma with a gold IKD logo.

In 2016, the IKD announced plans to issue certificates to qualified Instructors, Examiners and Judges. These will be similar to the IKD Dan Diplomas.

IKD Kyu Certificates are issued to karateka upon achieving color belt ranks.

IKD Dan diplomas are issued to karateka upon achieving black belt ranks. 1st Dan to 4th Dan will received a diploma with a red logo. 5th Dan and above will have a gold logo.

IKD Distinguished Service Medals

The IKD has announced the addition of the IKD Distinguished Medals

These will include the IKD National Medal of Service, IKD Hall of Fame, IKD Lifetime of Service, IKD, IKD Lifetime of Achievement, IKD Lifetime of Excellence. There are also plans for regional and National awards.


Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai’s autobiography should be released in January 2019. Check back for details on how to order this book.

IKD Forms

Here are some of the IKD registration forms. Make sure you have the latest form.

IKD Seminars

During the 2017 IKD Honbu World Camp, the first IKD Scientific seminars took place. Here are notes from one of those seminars.