IKD World Cup – Travel Update

IKD World Cup – Travel Update

Osu! In preparation for the upcoming fourth IKD World Cup in Guyana, July 16 arrival and departure July 22 (or longer), IKD, in collaboration with our legal advisor from Trinidad and Tobago, Sensei Ian Benjamin, we are making an effort to secure group sports rates from Toronto, New York, Miami and all Caribbean countries for participating teams, parents, chaperones, and friends. This thoughtful initiative will likely make the travel process smoother and cheaper for everyone involved.

As we negotiate with the airline, it is wise to gather estimates of the number of team members expected to go. This information will be crucial for securing the best possible rates and ensuring that the travel arrangements meet the needs of the participants and their supporters.

It is also good to know that connections may be made to facilitate travel for countries on the other end of the world. This shows flexibility in accommodating participants from various locations.

Thus, IKD is requesting feedback from all by this weekend. Clear communication with interested parties will be critical, and providing updates as negotiations progress will likely be appreciated.

Wishing you continued success in the preparations for the IKD World Cup. We hope the negotiations with the airline go smoothly. Thank you!

Please remember we are working on the hotel rates and will get back to you by the weekend.

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