International Karate Daigaku

IKD Lifetime of Excellence (IKD LE)

IKD Highest Distinguished Award. Lifetime of Excellence (IKD LE)

Awarded for more than 40 years administration and technical service in traditional karate as a proponent and technical expert par excellence. Further, for dedication, commitment, loyalty, budo spirit and excellence of character. Moreover, at the discretion of the Shihan-kai Senate may be awarded to Prime Ministers, Presidents, or other world leaders, and others in the highest office for their support and promotion of IKD Karate.


  • Shuseki Shihan or Fuku-Shuseki Shihan or Shihan-kai Senate Member
  • Eighth Dan and Higher, Instructor A, Examiner A, Judge A
  • IKD Patron, President or Vice-President
  • *Country or World Leaders or Officials in highest office

Nominator: Shall be any of the above, or country/regional director, or chief instructor.

Award: Special Medal and Award Certificate

Ceremony: World Camp or World Cup (*Shuseki Shihan in person)

2018 Recipients